Duck and cover

Paroles récupérées du fansite

1. Road Rash   take a walk outside it's a nice day for a drive automotivation
the air is getting clear and the getting near for us to roll
gotta watch my style cause god it's almost over
got a little more room to try it hopefully
i've walked this earth for twenty years and now my mind is floating...out to sea

gonna hit the van man you just don't understand total aggravation
rolling down the highway doing ninety going my way in control
gotta watch those corners in the stretch of danger
a problem could arise eventually
i've walked this earth for twenty years and now my mind is floating....out to sea

every time I look into the north wind
i can't find meaning just a rhyme
i don't know but I've been told that good things come with time...
let's go!
  Notes :
- at the beginning it is Todd (old drummer) talking and Sascha says "but it's recording dude".
2. The Gentleman   what do you think of me
do you really want to see a piece of me that I hide
something that's hard to find
what's behind your smile
is it really worth my while
what's beneath your ton-bed skin open up and let me in

do you really want to feel something that is so unreal
do you really want to be the one and only one for me
when we go to sleep tonight
i'll have different goals in sight
tell you what you want to hear
have another drink my dear
i'm not going to try to hurt you
i'll be honest kind and true
i'll take you out and treat you right
like a decent man would do

now i got you in my grasp do not fear my checkered past
have you now begun to see this diabolic side of me
in your mind I'm always there I guess
you thought I really cared now it's time to say goodbye
you bit the hook
believed the lie
i'm not going to try to hurt you I'll be honest kind and true
i'll take you out and treat you right like a decent man would do

gonna modify my behavior to make you think I'm your savior
now that I'm inside your head
i'm gonna use you
probably abuse you
should have listened to what your mom said
i'm not going to try to hurt you
i'll be honest kind and true
i'll take you out and treat you right
like a decent man would do

yeah right!
  3. No Hope   take a bottle, you drink it down
your eyes are burning red your gonna end up in the ground
now you're fallen
you can't hold on
you got no hope you're fucking on dope
your dreams are all but gone
you do not seem to care it makes no sense to me
everytime you try to take a look
you still can't see the you've monster you've become
the fucked up things you've done

you've done neurotic paranoia are you having fun?
you ain't going nowhere you got nowhere

you ain't got no chance to see
there's no way home
(you're gonna hear me?)

i know it's hard to live that way
i know it's hard to break the daily chain
its in you head pshychosomatic
wake up one day you're an addict

you ain't going nowhere
you got no chance to see
there's no way home
  4. One Shot   poor man cry out to his god
his dying and hungry
rich man have a heart attack
worrying about his money

he alienates himself from his family
and points the blame in some other direction
the other never had no one
he only needed affection

from one end of the world
to another I hear them say
they need to find a piece of inner protection
a remedy to take their hurt away
in their on minds they failed
you see them fallen

one shot left at redemption
has got them calling

5. Macho Nachos   Let's go!
Lost sight of all you dreamed of
the force that swept you away
the leaves were changing and the tree was rearranging
the season had swallowed the day
you want everything
unfair it may seem
your eyes have been closed for so long
we tried to make the break
what about give and take
some times will come when you are wrong
I sense the new day has fallen
I see the trouble in your eyes
the tree will fall
I'm not crying at all it's no suprise...

Your jaded eyes

I hope you found the road you wanted
I could not find the words to say
the lies were spoken and the promises broken
a wave of illusion dismay
you want everything
unfair it may seem your will has been gone for so long
we tried to make a break
what about give & take the rights not outweighing the wrong
  6. Monkeys   Monkeys
watch out for them monkeys
those crazy big guys drinking downtown
watch out for them monkeys
They'll knock you right off your feet onto the ground
They'll take pleasure being hormonally insane
They'll find solace knocking you right upside the brain
  7. Econoline   I heard you call my name
but now it's not the same
when i hear your voice half way across the country
locked up in the van
you'll never understand
this hole inside me
I have got responsibilities you have got them too
I'm trying but what am I supposed to do
every time i drift off in your blue eyes thinking
about the angels voice on the phone
I get that sinking feeling I'm never going home
sometimes I let myself get so down I can barely hold my head up to say
I'm alive and well and I'm coming home someday
I'm on the outside looking in at what you said to me
your words soft spoken in dream
another night I saw your face you smiled at me
just an illusion it may seem...
get it out of my head

and so I'm stranded here
and there's so much more to fear but i know it will be over someday
everytime i think about your soft smile dreaming about the girl i needed to see
i feel a bit uneasy
the dark is upon me
sometimes i myself be afraid if the next days going to fall
then i tell myself it's okay
and then looking in at what you said to me
your soft spoken in a dream
another night alone I saw your face
you smiled at me
just an illusion it may seem...
get it out of my head
  8. The Joust   we fight alone up in a covert operation
wade through the litigation
from the dark side of the line
look alive stand tall now do not reveal your secrets
generations of achievements shall not be left behind

i never knew there was a hidden source of power
the ancients built this tower
that we all must keep alive
it's the same alliance
that brought us to this notion
like the movement in the ocean
all directions we will strive
i hear you
you feel me
a force that's so strong we will always see
i need you
i bleed you
to a world that's far from free
in the hidden shadows of everyday battles stands a man

  9. Betty   you did me over
played me to the end
you took everything
i had no feelings left to spend

you're not a friend
you're just a fiend
it's time I opened my eyes to set
you my darling
don't deserve my sympathy

you broke my heart
spit on grandma's grave
tore my life apart
never left the same

before you waste more of my time
let me give you little piece of my mind...
i'm sending you down the road & i'll be fine...

you gave it to me
i woke up in a tub of ice
a note & no kidney

you soiled my sheets
you skinned my cat
you stole my teeth
you pawned my gat

  10. aPathetic   how can you call this land we walk on free
two centuries of deception
a system put in place
dollars bear their face
equal rights those who can afford to pay
content to believe what they say

they say democracy
i scream a scam
big bucks from big business buy uncle sam
no conspiracy it's apathy
we the people can't seem to just open our eyes
content to believe all their lies

hey they gotta go
how can we take back what was ours
you gotta know
what they are doing to you

kids die for their country
but they can't buy beer
they'll outlaw what's natural
motive unclear laws are put into place
their morals in my face
but we got an ace up our sleeve
opression plants rebellion's seed

now the time has come
to say fuck what they've said what they've done
yeah we're young and dumb
but as asume
we are worth more than one

  11. Medium Unwell   in a world where logic and proportion dies
the dark side laughing as it lights the night
with its evil eyes
it comes around when you are least expecting it to strike
it grabs you by the neck
and takes your soul with all its might

the voices haunting me
the fear is here come around and see
no slumber anymore
demons in disguise
knocking at my door

a small piece of advice...

my head is hurting
my eyes are growing cold
the strength increases
when it fired a shot into its hold
the burning version of a man whose lost his will to live
the fight is over
when there is nothing left to have or give

  12. Popcorn   another starry night
I lay down by the evening fire
take a look back at today
down to the waters edge
i let myself fall back in
the waves will wash it away

another year is gone
and i know it's been so long
i'm still around
and it's okay

my body's aching
the time it's taking
don't believe I've got another chance
to say I'm gonna make it today

i walk back slowly to the sand
and lay my head down
thinking about what there is to do
the night sky high above the land
is keeping me safe
the fire in the distance too