Everybody wonders what's gonna happen.
Can't just living the present day
All the time caring what's coming tomorrow
Planning everything all through their lives
They can't just take the best of the present day
Because everything is scheduled,planned
And they can't break their own rules
Don't think abstract
try to be more logical

it's no use to bore yourself with stupid rules
From a senseless education
I think that now you should be old enough to make own decision

It's just cominig my mind
All this piece of writing could be shit
But that's not very important because it's just a thinking one day

Fell how you are
push yourself further inside
Catch the things you didn't explore
Visit your old mind,there are plenty of things to catch and think about
All you need to do think
think about it!

3 Times 75

The days money didn't matter are now past
Nowadays,the month ain't going back that fast
Even eating has become a lot harder
And I don't know how the fuck I'll pay the rent this month
But this would sound just like another sad song,
If I didn't know how to get out of that

There are many ways to escape all of this
But not that many places you can end up!
Unfortunately, this ain't no deliverance
Just a lapse of time,when nothing does bother
People say this ain't nothing good for my health
Well what did you expect I ain't got Straight Edge!

Time again to stop by a liquor store,
To get 3 bottles of cheap beer
Just need to find another place to chill
And start drinki' away my last few bucks
Half an hour and I'm finally there
Drunk again-even if I have better
Tomorrow I'll have to take something else
Something stronger would even be better

I guess you could say I ain't no hero
But I never pretented to be one
Don't know myself when I can get enough
Totally drunk I'm goin' down again
Doing all kinda stuff I never used to
Tomorrow will be the worst part of it

Finally got stuck in that vicious circle
I guess this ain't the remedy nor the cause
Just another bad habbit that makes up life
Another one that makes mine different from yours
Who knows-one day mabye-I'll get out of that
But in the mean time,I know what I want

I'm drunk- that's fine-gimme beer-more beer
I'm drunk-I don't care-Got no fear- More beer

In the end looks like they were finally right
I act like shit,startin' fights-do I care?
Finally got crazy & and lost everything
Acted like shit,got my ass busted,I care!


I was walking down the street and of course I didn't know what to do
Trying to find a gang called Oudmandouh
Because my pockets were empty of the disturber of mind
When thinking of this struggling when I could be on the sand
Just chilling and being cooked be the hottest sunshine
I'm here in this bad neighborhood just for getting my dopeThought I
would meet easy people just like on the beach
But I got robbed of all my clothes and my ghetto-blaster

And there I was naked as a great dumb guy
I was annoyed by punkers with skateboards
who were trying to make fun of me as I was naked
But still I'm in a good mood and always calm
I just stole one of their boards to get home quicker
What I didn't know was the cops hated skaters
So therefore I could be found at the police station
Tomorrow I'll definitely chill all day


I'm so sick of all these people being so narrow minded
They don't open their eyes to see the world
Got their pre-conception of life
Don't want to hear the thoughts of others
What is this supposed to mean
I'm asking you?

Live your life to the fullest,enjoy it everyday
Take all opportunities that could make your day
Bring joy to your life so you keep up the smile
'Cause life could go against you and get even worse

Open up your mind-And you'll see through
Open up your mind-And you'll hear too
Open up your mind-So try to fell it
Open up your mind-So you can taste it

Open up your wings to fly around the varieties the world is offering to you
Open up your eyes to watch and admire,listen to understand,
feel to know,taste to acknowledge,breathe to live
All these feelings that give you the joy of living

Living day by day,always the same routine,but it's up to you to make it different
To keep on evolving in this restrictive world and knowing how to accomodate(NOT!)to it
But always keeping your head straight and try not to let yourself go down


I woke up this morning and I felt so bad
Pain was busting my head I fell out of my bed
Opened the window and it started to rain
Another damned day that could have started so well

What can I do- What can I say-Where can I go-I ain't got no friends

I had no idea about how to fell glad
One thing was for sure,it couldn't be worse than that
I really needed something to heal the pain
Anything that would not make me go to hell

Where can I go-To have some fun-What can I do-That could make me smile

So due to the fact that I was feeling that bad
I really wanted to shoot myself in the head
But I think I wouldn't have the courage either
Well maybe someday I'll regret it,but maybe I won't



In this world we're living,there's no place for individuals
Don't try to be different,just do as we say that's the way it goes
Because one step out of the circel and you'll be out forever
Look around,they're everywhere,in the subway,around the corner
They're trying to ignore it but nobody seems to care
Let's face it we're all concerned but nobody seems to care

You just trying to claim that you are different
And the government is saying that they are in control
Don't make me laugh how can you control me
Minority doesn't mean they're better than you

Let's take Guatemala for example,before the spanish arrived
the Indians were living in peace and harmony,owning their land
Now they don't own anything,they're just exploited by the white people
Just for us to get coconuts and coffee in our local supermarket

There is only one way to go and unity is the key
Acceptance is the way
There is only one way to go


I've got energy flowing my veins
Give me strength to fight for my life
Struggles and complaints cannot reach me
Cuz today I've got my energy
All of a sudden-nobody expects it-Bang!
I will roll down the street
And let my energy evaporate
Or perhaps I'll scream it in the mic

What the fuck can I say
From all this regain of energy
And nobody could take it away
Cuz it's so deep into my body

Look out you people cuz energy will strike back
It will crush you if you oppose it
Don't blame me it's My energy that is stronger than me
It shouts to come out and let itself explode
Why should I keep it It's regenerating
can do what I want and let express my body


Why can't you read my mind,I'll show you all the positiveness
I'll let you explore everything that's inside of me
So you will know that I am pretty serious about my feelings

Why do we misjudge everybody, I can't find my true friends
Who is gonna dig out my grave to let me live
Nobody will have enough courage to get into your real troubles

Why is it so complicated to get a good relationship with somebody
Because even when you think you know someone
After a while they will show you that you were wrong

Why do you think nobody loves you,well you keep on not finding the one you need
The only interests people have in you are the ones you hate to be loved for
And the only solution would be complete honesty from all the parts



Do you know what I'm talking
What I'm talking about
I'm talking about you
Me,and all the others
Why life is full of shit I hate it
I can't keep these words no longern inside of me
Keep longer your truth
The more I go down
Always in the same way

Hypocrisy hate it- Hypocrisy Bullshit
Hypocrisy's not for me
Leave me alone

I can't believe this feeling when nobody tells the truth
Talking shit in your back
The worst is when they say
they are your truest friends
And then shoot you in the back
Down with you forever
I hate you,fuck off,I hate you
Stop this bullshit


All these faces,all these people I can't mix with them
I feel uncomfortable with most
I fell they don't have anything to offer me

You can learn out of a person but sometimes it is just useless
This is a kind of felling,observing people or when you get to know them well

I think you get a different approach if you talking these same people
Almost anyone can give you something like an idea,a feeling
well anything as a learning experience
Because your whole life is about learing and trying to get to the point
When you know you reached the perfect balance to confront anything
Usually you get to know it when you die
But you can try and get it earlier so you live in perfect harmony with this world

Battling all my life to remain the one I want to be
And I'll always be with others but still in the end
I'm all alone

THE STRANGER(no way out)

Some people believe I'm crazy
think I've lost my mind
I just can't remember if it's always been that way
But one's for sure
I've always been the troublemaker
People say I just can't be happy with what I have
Could be the one reason why I rather have nothing
And enjoy to always be left alone in the end

What do you know about my life?
You can't handle yours by yourself!
I guess you all rather be blind...

You pretented to be my friend
gave me clues on life
But once again I knew better than you'll ever know
And acted the way I always used to act before
Hope I'll find people who'll be able to handle me
Maybe I will & then get even harder to live...


And now were having so much fun
We started jamin' and makin' a lot of noise
We all loved music and skated
One night we just started this band


In our small world of skateboarding
Friendship is so important
You don't get that many friends
When you know all the crap that could happen to you

Just a Friendship

Friendship keep us together
So it creates the music
Music that make us tick
and maybe you too
As long as we will be chosen
Best friends in the world
We will keep on creating
What we like best


Skateboarding tought us to be individuals
Slammies showed us inspiration
Ride all day was always there when things were bad
And we thank you all for what you stand for


Is that really AS ONE by RANCID???????


Open my eyes this morning you were lying by my side
The sun was shining it's for sure
I got all day to ride
I grabbed my skateboard go down the stairs
Open the door the perfect heat
the sky is blue what can I ask for more
Nothing could ever bring me down when the sky is blue I wear a crown,yahhhh!(I drink a corona!!!:))))