Eagle eye


I'm so sick, so sick of the politics That give you and your friends such indescribable kicks In a way in which conformity and logic thinking don't compare. Conforming only to your simple way of thought And bearing loyal grudges in the way that you've been taught Your destination decided by an irrational one-track mind. Don't say we didn't warn you, Someday you're gonna understand. What shall we do with the drunken hooligan, Whose one source of security depends upon a fight? Based on simply connotation; driven by a mind Incapable of having any time for anyone at all But that's alright, I guess that's fine, When you're ignorant and acting like you're blind But come to think of it you're merely just a slave to your piers Listen up my friend 'cos this fight'll get you nowhere. I thought that we were in this 'side by side' But all you ever want to do is fight Whatever happened to the second chance? I get the feeling something isn't right.

Toy Soldiers

Another fight, another war, Once again retaliate just to even up the score, Just for a little respect, It's just like yesterday. Fighting for you're flag, What does it really mean? To gain superiority? 'Cos that's the way it seems, And did you think to take a look at where it's got us now? Did we miss another vital teaching? Why such a rush into a call for arms? Maybe its just another rule we're breaching, But I think that soon we're gonna find… We won't need anyone, To tell us how to play some big kids game, To try to tell us that we're better off this way… We won't need Judgement, We won't need pain, We'll need no one to tell us how to play a game We don't wanna play. Another friend, another foe, Dictated by a leadership who just want you to know That you're a player in a game, It's just like yesterday. So now you've earned your pride, Society subsides. So go reap your 'benefits', But all I ask for is some sense!

On the Beer

Well I've been on the beer, and I'm sittin' here, Trying to make sense of what I see, Concentrating on my studies, yea, Things are getting' on top of me And then when I go to bed, Things start goin' through my head & I start to think about you, And then when I'm thinkin' of you I end up thinkin' to my self 'Do you think about me too'. Oh, all I ever think about is you, Oh, and all I need to know Is do you think about me too? Damn I hate this song. Curse it.

Batty old Cow

I don't like the way that you think that you can take up all our land With your upper-class, grand ideals, And still expect the fools to kneel. I don't like it, no, I don't like the way you think that you can do whatever's right by you, So much for your country, And the job that you devote your life too. Get up! Stand on your two feet and go, I don't wanna know, About you or your selfish ways. So just keep living off the wealth of your Country, It's the only way that you know, I guess you never found a reason why you should go And even know the batty old cow looks down with her nose turned up, You know she don't give a shit, She don't care a little bit

Pipe Down

I'll tell you this 'cos I've never quite felt the way I feel tonight, I take a look around the same old place & I find, That with this state of mind, there's the key, I can see all I've wanted to see, And what you're underground's telling me, And now I know I'll never leave this place behind You tell me that you spend you're life wondering why you're so unsatisfied, You tell me that you can't sleep at night with the pain, And things just ain't the same, since you did what you did, And threw the lid on you're childhood dreams for your place in the city Well don't you think you left a little too much behind? Pipe down 'cos I don't wanna hear your lies! When you say that there's no other way, Pipe down 'cos I don't wanna hear it, When you say there's no place left to turn I'll tell you this 'cos I've never quite found a way to stand upright, I look around to find the same old case and I find, That we've been walking blind, Since the day, when the way was to stand on your own, And take on the world all-alone, To make a fortune for a better day So there's money in your pocket and you say you've got a choice, But what's the use of freedom when you don't have a voice, To chase your troubled times away? So take a look around tonight at the faces of a crowd you once recognised, Contempt without a fortune or the pain (or the pain) So now you understand, things ain't what they seem, In this place tonight, there's more than just a scene


I spent last night wide awake, trying to summarise my day, Came to one conclusion that I didn't like to face, No I didn't like to face But I feel good when I know things are gonna go my way, With no pressure, when I've got a time to do what I wanna do, And say what I wanna say What can I say, things can go your way to much, It's you who you trust, It's you who you trust, yea, But whose to say that means every little thing is gonna be OK When you're sick of the same four walls? And I know you don't really wanna hear me ramble on About my intravertial point of view, People like you have better things to do yea, But that's ok 'cos I know things are gonna change, I'm gonna sort things out, gonna rearrange My intravertial way of life, gonna even up the fight Into the background I have faded, My feelings though are gonna grow, From past experience I know It's hard to get through life unaided, Things come at a price I know, But there's so much more in me I have to show, Now I've opened up my eyes, Now I realise, My insecurity won't do a thing for me