A call to arms

Here's to life

How did Camus really die that night? Were they right? When he died was it really his time? Or was it suicide? And Holden Caulfield is a friend of mine. We go drinking from time to time and I find it gets harder every time. CHORUS: Three went down (But only two of them come up again) The minimal is criminal but less is a sin Though three went down (But only two of them come up again) I'm not going to play if there ain't no way I'll win Hemingway never seemed to mind the banality of a normal life and I find it gets harder every time. So he aimed the shotgun into the blue, placed his face in between the two and sighed: Here's to Life! CHORUS Hey there Salinger, what did you do? Just when the world was looking to you to write anything that meant anything, you told us you were through. And it's been years since you passed away, but I see no plaque, and I see no grave and I can't help believing that you wanted it that way. And Vincent Van Gogh, why do you weep? You were on your way to heaven but the road was steep. And who was there to break your fall? We're guilty, one and all. And I don't know much, but I do know this: with a golden heart comes a rebel fist and every single soldier wasn't fired, some have quit. And it makes me sick when I think of it: all my heroes could not live with this and I hope you rest in peace because with us you never did. And you were much too young and you changed my life but I draw the line at suicide, so here's to life!

Hey Sergio

Run, run, run all you do is fucking run but you'll never run away from yourself. I know it's hard but you've been there before and you know you're gonna be there again. I don't care what the stars may say because they always feed their bullshit to me. It's kinda sad how you lost what you had and you're never gonna have it again and so I say: CHORUS: Hey Sergio, it's getting kind of hot in here And so I say: Hey Sergio, you've got to get us out of here And so I say: Every other day you don't care what they say because they always leave you two steps behind. You try to smile and it lasts for a while but they always send you back to the start. Eenie meenie miney mo they shoot down everyone you know and then they leave you there all alone. You wish they'd stop but they never give up and you know deep inside that you're stuck and so I say: CHORUS Sergio laughed for the last time today, He said "It never really bothered me: we all have dues to pay" Like a man that's cut off at the knee, he hobbles and hobbles because nothing is free. So wake up, wake up, wake up but don't cry because you'll fuck up your make up and if you do, you won't get laid, you won't make money, no you won't get paid. So you act so free, you act so free, everybody's happy because you act so free. Well you might fool them, but you can't fool me with your mindless chatter like "I don't need them, I don't need help" I don't even need to see the end. CHORUS

It's a wonderful life

Once again I wake up alone on the wrong side of the bed. And once again you begin your dancing nakedly on the right side of my head. It's for a lack of better words that I can hardly speak my soul. And I'm feeling what I'm feeling when I'm feeling when it's time to lose control, my love. And once again we're off to war. But I can't agree with what we're fighting for. And that's not all, because every time she smiles I see her soul, and I smile what a wonderful life. It's true I used to try, but then I gave up. I learned it doesn't really matter, what I do ain't enough to appease or to please, all my well meaning deeds seem to all go up in smoke. And every time I look into these smoke filled skies I wonder what she's doing, why I volunteered to die. But tonight I will fight for my life so I might see my wife again. I explained to her that I'd be back. And I gave my word that the fighting wouldn't last. But despite my pact, I know that every breath I draw might be my last, and I smile: It's been a wonderful life. God damn, another summer in the city and I never seen a girl look so pretty as you when you smile oh you're wild for a while, I was hoping I might see you again. And I know that everyone is willing to go and I find I'll turn it all and leave on a dime. If I leave tonight (screw what's right) I can make it home by dawn. And I was told "Boy, prepare for war" But the failed to mention what I'd be fighting for. So I fight for this: the fact that as I pass away, I'll feel her kiss, and I'll smile: what a wonderful life, me of my, what a wonderful life, oh to die for such a wonderful life. They Provide the Paint for the Picture-Perfect Masterpiece That You Will Paint on the Insides of Your Eyelids There is a man with no face and a name I don't remember living in a house in the middle of the woods and he said once "Son, don't you ever laugh out loud for they are listening, yes they are listening. Oh you've got to be strong, Oh, you've got to keep holding on, it's now just a matter of time"

They provide the paint for the picture perfect masterpiece that you will paint on the insides of your eyelids

; can you possibly see anything you want to see? No (Hell No!) "There's nothing wrong with the way I see" and he wanted to be a soldier in the next great war he wanted to kill and fight and maim but not be told what he was fighting for. And that's the way it's going to have to be my friend, and that's the way it's going to have to be my friend. I passed a man on the corner in the city yesterday singing "Yada yada yada and tomorrow it'll never end" and I thought I'd never live to see another sunny day but I'm here and I'll be here until the end. So watch your mouth or you're going to make a grave mistake. Hold your tongue or you're going to catch a bullet in the head. So watch your mouth or you're going to make a grave mistake. Don't die for anything less than the best of life. The thing they said went to you head but you never tried to understand: in the end you will never take back what they take when take what they can because they can from you. You follow me and you follow me but you never ask why and I wonder what you're under could this be another piece of the "I don't know I just do what they say because they say what to do in a matter of fact way" but don't stop because you might get burned and you might just learn to stand on your own two feet and I think that it's neat how you learn to repeat everything that you hear in the street so well. And everyone was resting because they thought it was the end and even if it wasn't they decide they'd pretend and somewhere in the distance I could hear him whispering "You can fight all you want they will win in the end" sometimes in the evening when I'm lying in my bed I am taken to the forest to the isolated shed and I wake with is words resonating in my head and I can't stop thinking about the gist of what he said. He said: so watch your mouth or you're going to make a grave mistake. Hold your tongue or you're going to catch a bullet in the head. So watch your mouth or you're going to make a grave mistake. Don't die for anything less than the best of, everyone settles for the rest not the best of, I will die for no less than the best of life.