Song in the key of bree


these are the hard times these are the good times these are the fine times the keep me in line times until you went away now these are the hey days the never get laid days the play with myself and forget about my health days wont you come back to me? i love the way you walk the way you smile the way you talk and i love the way you torture me now im a barfly i wish that i would die i never thought it would be this way and i cant understand why you went away its so mysterious makes me delirious sometimes im curious but all around furious wont you come back to me?

More Than Your Eyes Could See:

im still alive and i rely on my will to survive cause ill know someday that ill be ok and ill have done my time i wont give up, no i wont back down until ive made my mark on this world and to everybody whos doubted me ive got a lot more than your eyes can see ive made it this far so i can consider myself to be a success but theres still so many paths i need to take till i can rest i must decide which way im gonna go to fill my soul the future is starting to brighten and success is starting to show ive got more than your eyes can see


hes a poorboy he lives on the street hes got no money and no place to sleep he shops at goodwill then he buys some wine he picks through dumpsters where he likes to dine hes a poorboy he lives on the street he got no money and no place to sleep hell wash your windows for a buck-o-nine he dont pay taxes he hasnt got a dime chorus: oooh he tells me hell work for food (2x)

A Few Too Many:

spill your drink on her dress you see her face shes not impressed and i think and i guess that you've had a few too many go to the bathroom only to find the door is locked and its occupied you spill your guts all over the place you should see the look on your face i think youve had one too many i think ive had one too few i think youll find that the room is spinning and i think ill have a laugh on you your distorted vision and your sweaty palms isnt helping you keep calm records are spinning they dont seem to quit your girlfriend is screaming shes having a fit broken a window fell off your chair the gum you were chewin is now in your hair you run to the back to get some fresh air thinking to yourself life aint fair an empty bottle on the floor you're passed out cold but you want some more you try to speak but your mouth is numb too much drinking is what youve done


fast and clean in his rhythm machine he goes down to the beach but little does he know the girls are out of his reach he has a good time but drinks too much wine hes headed for the disaster of a lifetime and now the guys from the bad boy club are callin out his name he goes down to the liquor store to buy himself a beer he parks his truck with a ten inch lift and a sticker that says no fear out of his truck he struts inside with his oakley cool dude shades he says his parents bought me this truck because in high school i got good grades he went down to check out a band at a local grunge band bar he saw a man who was screaming out loud playing e chords on his guitar its on the radio its on the video its in the stores and all over the tv shows and now the guys in the bad boy club are calling out his name

Night Lite

cant you see me smilin thats me upon the silver screen cant you see me lyin lyin in my bed at night as i dream in the misty moonlight by the flickering firelight and everything is all right as long as ive got my nite lite i get scared of the dark i lose my breath and i lose my bark i need a little beacon or spark something to light my way theres so many monsters to fight coming out of my closet when its late at night and everything is all right just as long as ive got my nite lite