Keasby nights

Dear Sergio

Run run run all you do is fucking run but you'll never run away from yourself. I know it's hard but you've been then before and you know you're gonna be there again. I don't care what the stars may say because they always feed their bullshit to me. It's kind of sad how you lost what you had and you're never gonna have it again and so I say: (chorus) Hey Sergio, it's getting kinda hot in here. Every other day you don't care what they say because they always leave you two steps behind. You try to smile and it lasts for awhile but they always send you back to the start. Eenie meenie miney mo they shoot down everyone you know and then they leave you there all alone. You wish they'd stop but they never give up and you know deep inside that you're stuck and so I say: Hey Sergio, it's getting kinda hot in here.

Sick And Sad

Went to the corner of second and main and there was someone there who mentioned that they hoped that it would rain forever, forever, so they could drown in peace. Went down to the hodskin p.l. but there was nobody to answer when I rang the doorbell forever, forever so now I'm sad all the time. Sick and sad again. Sometimes I'd like the rain to end. Sick and sad again. Sometimes I'd like to stand on my own two feet. Today was the day but she threw it all away and I could never understand 'cause she was never one to play by the rules of the game her and me we're so the same I try so hard and I never give in and I am never satisifed until the day that I win agaisnt them but I don't care I'll follow her to anywhere.

Keasbey Nights

It was the summer of '95 (so what?!), in the backyard, shaving the old plies. Feeling so strong, something went wrong. Straight into my finger, what a stinger, it was so long. I still remember that day, like the day that I said that I swear, "I'll never hurt myself again", but it seems that I'm deemed to be wrong, to be wrong, to be wrong. So i've got to keep holding on... they always played a slow song. When they come for me, I'll be sitting at my desk, with a gun in my hand, wearing a bulletproof vest.. Singing "my, my, my, how the time does fly, when you know you're going to die by the end of the night." I still remember when we were young and fragile then. No one gave a shit about us because times were tougher then. Feeling so good, cruising the hood; straight into the real world, rich kids never understood. But I don't care. I can fade away to anywhere. Don't stop because you might get dropped and if you do who's going to pick you up. Well I won't... they always played a slow song.

Day in Day Out

I don't want to barge in on your secrey see dependency see it means nothing to me I don't want to hear about your problems and I don't want to listen to your apathy see You're not like me see You mean nothing to me All your cash doesn't make you any greener. (chorus) I don't need anyone to tell me what to feel. I don't need anyone to hate the world with me. Day in, day out It's not that bad. I worry and I worry but you'll never have to worry again, you'll never be alone. In my room with a bucket full of phlegm I don't need a music scene to tell me who I am I should have got a warning should have came a year ago should I sent her a birthday card? My conscience tells me no.

Walking Away

Well, hello. How are you? Won't you pull up a chair? Won't you tell me your story because I really do care about talking away. Here's to me, to you, to us, to everything, I hope it never falls apart. We're talking away. Well you look so fine, and you seem so kind, and I've got to say that i'm having a good time dancing away. Here's to me, to you, to us, to everything, I hope it never falls apart. We're dancing away. Could things get any better now? If they can, I cannot see how, but as the time goes by, you stop and sigh. You stop and sigh and then you wonder why. I can't stop this feeling, as i'm walking away, and I could never understand half the things you'd say, as we're walking away. Goodbye to me, to you, to us, to everything, because it fell apart, as we're walking away. Things weren't better then. You felt that you had to pretend. But as the time goes by, you stop & sigh. You stop and sigh and then you wonder why.

Giving Up Giving In

I got no cash, got no girl, but I got the world in the palm of my hand and I don't care if you care or if you understand because i'm a little kid and I've got little problems and I don't give a shit if you don't understand because: I got me. That's all I need. And I live comfortably, and I sleep peacefully. I give up. I don't want to hear, I don't want to be near you or your friends and your dime a dozen miseries. I don't care if you care about the way you wear your hair or your shoes or your idiot attitude. Don't stop because I want to hear your problems. Don't you stop because I want to help you solve them. Don't stop.

On & On & On

I still remember that night it was the fourth of July It's still engraved in my mind and I'm not suprised. Gang wars no guns hand to hand. You're black I'm white he's purple but I still don't undestand. I'm going to be alright I'm going to be okay everything is going to be fine back off. I want to be alone I want to think it out and I'm thinking that I want to go home. Look who's laughing now. I'll pull it off somehow. As I passed her by I could see her cry and I'll never forget the look that was in her eye and the music you know it played on & and on & on so won't somebody tap her on the shoulder tell her life goes on. 3 years 2 months 1 week 4 days I'm always counting down because there ain't no easier way trust me you know that I tried and if I said it was easy then you know that I told a lie. I'm going to be alright I'm going to be just fine. One down five billion to go. Am I the next in line and do I really want to know?

This One Goes Out To...

Staring out the window of somebody's pickup truck well I never mind the boredom cause I use it for a crutch just to get me to that plae its a different state of sane and everytime I try to change I always end up quite the same thinking back to happier days when everyone was ignorant and all the kids behaved but me and my friends and the ice cream man that was our existance that was our clan this one goes out to the friends I never had: hey I don't understand but I'd like to anyway hey I don't understand but I like it anyway hey I don't understand but I like you anyway hey I don't understand Shelter in the city we decided to go in and I gave a man some money to buy herion but the homeless man returned and he gave me back a dime he said, "put it in your sock my friend and save it for another time" but: lessons are learned and later unlearned if he knew then what he knows now well he could rule the world but I'm not one to judge what happened yesterday cause I got me I got myself my future is at stake this one goes out to...


He wakes up sad again, wonders when the rain will end She'll act like she don't care cause to her it's just a game ...that he plays I'm a super I'm a nothing I'm a no one going nowhere going fast but I don't care All the times he said he would she never really understood what he said or what he meant he won't forget what wasn't said He'll find himself alone standing in the rain.

9MM & A Three Piece Suit

Well I know I shouldn't care but I do & I don't and I always crack a smile when I see your punk rock clothes and you try try but you never fit in and you're never going to so pack it up pack it in, so there Steve took three or four Heather took more. She lit a cigarrette and they're walkin out the door with a semi automatic and a ski mask on they look to one another and they say to themselves "what fun". Well I never want to bother and I never want to hover over his or her affairs because that's not fair and it seems to me that you're running out of time and it seems to me like you're never going to do what's right Jack dropped 21, Jill 22. The look in his eye said "Brother what are you going to do with a 9mm and a three piece suit?" they look to one another and say "hey motherfucker, who's the fool?"

Kritsina She Don't Know I exist

Not long ago in my high school days I watched a girl from so far away But everytime she passed me by I turned my head away and quietly sighed. And when she walked by her hair would dance, a secret tango that only I could understand and if she asked for the time of day I'd look her in the eyes and quietly say: Kristina Kristina Do you have any clue who I am? (hell no) So listen up because I'll tell you once and I'll explain myself the best that I can. Kristina Kristina You don't know me so I'll have to persist. You don't know me so I'll have to persist. I'm kind of shy so don't wonder why Kristina she don't know I exist. From calss to class I followed her, but I swore I'd leave her undisturbed and if she ever stopped by and turned around I got so nervous and I stared at the ground. And then one day in photography I foud a contact print that I could not believe and there she was staring back at me so I took her home so quietly. 1.17.98 it's been a day that I've come to hate. As I walked into the video store there she stood as my jaw fell to the floor. Tapping her toe, waiting in line, with a movie and some other guy Why did I bother? Why did I care? About this girl named Kristina Behr? Kristina Kristina You'll never get to know who I am. This is goodbye so please don't cry and I'll let you down as softly as I can. Kristina Kristina another name to cross off my list. In another life it could have been nice but Kristina she won't know what she missed.

As The Footsteps Die Out Forever

She was diagnosed on a Friday, the kids were almost home, the kids were on their way back home from school, lying face down in the gutter of unaccomplished dreams and broken memories of things to come, "Sorry ma'am, I really am. I had to break the news. I had to make the phone call to tell you that you're due, you know where, I'll tell you when, and I suggest you start living these next three weeks, the best way that you can." Every night for three long weeks, she'd roam the hallways half asleep and as the footsteps fade away in my mind, I could swear, I could swear, I heard her say: Don't wait for me, I've got a lot to do I've got a lot to be and in the end maybe I'll see you there. Lost her strength on a saturday. Spent the day in bed. Yeah, I'm fine, it's just the flu she said with a smile, but when they turned their backs, the tears would flow. She knew she only had a while to live to breathe to see to be to bleed to stand on her own two weakened feet "and so I pray everyday: don't take my mother away" and in the end maybe i'll see you there. You know i'll see you there and in the end i'll see you there.

1234 1234

You, you try, you try to get by. "You're never going to pull it off", "You shouldn't even try" "You're a wet cigarette", "You're always second best", but they're never going to give a shit about anybody but themselves. You fight for them to realize; there's more to life, there's more to you, there's more than meets the eye. And when you're done, the battle's been won. You sit back, you smile and this is what you hum, you hum: ....12341234.... The years go by, the time it does fly. Every single second is a moment in time that passes oh, so quick and it seems like nothing, but when you're looking back, well it amounts to everything. I've got myself. I've got my friends. I've got my little family, but that's not where it ends. This one goes out to you, it goes out to everyone. It's in the name of honesty because life has just begun. .... 12341234.... Look around little brother, Can you tell me what you see? You're a big boy now, so take responsibility. You never had it hard, but now it's getting tough, so you whine, whine, whine and you say you've had enough. You say i'm full of shit That i'm a hypocrite I shouldn't talk, when i can't take the advice that i give? Well maybe you're right, but open your eyes: the main difference here is that i try, try,