So here I am doing everything I can holding on to what I am pretending I'm a superman I'm trying to keep the ground on my feet it seems the world's falling down around me the nights are all long I'm singing this song to try and make the answers more than maybe and I'm so confused about what to do sometimes I want to throw it all away so here I am looking older all the time growing older all the time feeling younger in my mind I'm trying to sleep I lost count of the sheep my mind is racing faster every minute what could I do more yeah I'm really not sure I know I'm running circles but I can't quit and I'm so confused about what to do sometimes I want to throw it all away controlling everything in site I'm feeling weak I don't feel right you're telling me I have to change telling me to act my age but if all that I can do is just sit and watch time go then I'll have to say good bye life's too short to watch it fly watch it fly

My Head

Where are you now I want to talk to you I'm sitting here alone waiting by the phone Where are you now I want to talk to you if only you were home I wouldn't be alone I wait for you Where are you now are you just toying with me do you need me to play all your high school games Where are you now I guess I'll try once more I don't have much to say but it's the tenth call that I made And it's ringing in my head yeah the last thing that you said now I ask you just what is it you've tasted your answer's hushed I'm wasted, so wasted And all the promises you made were the others just the same now

If Only

If only I was taller If I had a million dollars maybe then you'd be with me If only I was eighteen and had the courage of the A-Team maybe then you'd be with me But for now I'll have to dream about your smile 'cause you're not here and all I want to say is that I really miss you If I could surf a little better If I had Sumner's sweater maybe then you'd be with me If only I had more time If I had Mike Ness' hairline then you'd want to be with me If only you weren't so fine If onlyI wasn't so blind I'd find a way to make you stay then maybe I'd see you If I woke up with all these things Would it even change your feelings None of that is even me But for now I'll have to wait another week to see your face and all I want to say is that I really miss you

This Lonely Place

you come around to see your boyfriend you come around to feel the pain it was yesterday he tried to use you but you still go through it again you took it away again you let yourself stay I've been around this lonely place lonely place before you find out he's been lying to you you find he had another girl still you never stand up for yourself you never stand up to him he takes it away again you let yourself stay again you gave it to him you said it's the last time he does it again I've been around this lonely place lonely place before you got a choice to leave your place your lonely place behind be true to yourself now and let it go it's better than you think

20 Goodbye

went out today to try and phone you i guess you didn't recognize my call the lady on your end said you got caller i.d. and i'm feeling sorry that you've been woken up so much and i'm feeling guilty just talk to me please talk to me i hardly know you is it too late to even try i want to know you another twenty cent goodbye i found a pay phone and it's busted another broken hearted fool but still i pick up the receiver my lips are touching someone's drool please make this worth it you're all i'm thinking of today i know you're worth it just talk to me please talk to me goodbye

another twenty cent goodbye another twenty cents


You got some question about your life You don't know how you'll ever make it through It hurts so bad but it's all you got You're asking me for help but all I got to say now is that You don't know what pain is You haven't suffered one iota so just stop your whining you don't know what pain is Stop complaining point your finger I'll tell you who to blame So pack your bags we're going out I want to show you just what's in this world Cause in the end its all you got memories to tell about your life and how you lived it So live it good I know it's all that you've given You don't know what pain is You haven't suffered one iota so just stop your whining You don't know what pain is stop complaining point your finger I'll tell you who to blame


my little story's growing way too long i've had to suffer enough to write this song and if i get the chance i'll tell you how it feels cause in this sick old head the pain is way to real so i fall down i don't know if i can make it up this time i know i want to but it gets harder every time and if it's easier to give up everything i'd give it all to you to relieve half this pain cause it's been hard yeah it's been hard i sit there at the bar i wonder what i've done should i just fuck it all or should i go back home cause if i take that drink i might as well just die and if i kill myself i'd be giving up my try


Well after today I'll never see you and you'll be left with your life Collecting all your souvenirs I'll never get it right Empty man hollow man I call myself a hermit My self esteem contingent on the way you look at me I'm hanging on your words yeah I'm reading all your thoughts If only I could be you now cause you got the control Empty man lonely man I call myself depressed I'm finding ways to avoid you at the expense of sanity I'm hanging on your words and I'd like to share a thought I know I can't be you now but I'd like to stay a while

Too Late

the young boy has turned into a man and he's growing stronger he's battled through things he thought he could go on no longer father stood by his side wanting nothing more than just be his dad but pride only answers to one call he only condemns him and if the boy only knew the father's pain the nights that he stayed up late wondered why doesn't he see the future is so bleak so bleak father's retired now he's left with tv and rest the weight of the world and what did he do wrong has gone to his chest he had such a good life the family he loved were all by his side to his son he whispered goddamn this pride so fuck i'm all by myself now you've gone away you've left me all by myself with that fucked up thing you said if i could forgive myself you knew the way now i'm all by myself and i'm sorry but if you only knew your son's pain how bad that he wanted you to say you're doing just fine you turned out to be one good guy but it's too late

I Need To Know

I run away cause I'm scared that you might leave there's nothing wrong but that's not what I believe just tell me it's alright and tell me I'm okay and tell me that you're staying here tonight I feel stupid saying words you've heard before the way I feel today is all I know for sure and if I scare you I'm only scaring me I've got so much to say why won't you speak with me I need to know what you're feeling do you feel like I do let's talk about everything I want to share my life with you and tell me that you feel the way I feel with you and tell me that you love me like I do you're in my life well I want to be sure I'm not wasting time I've been through this before


So you're just barely getting by not hurting no one Sometimes you think that you're alright sometimes you have fun But on the way someone confronts you and tries to shut you up You're having trouble at your home you want to get out But you've got nowhere else to go You gotta get out But on the way someone confronts you and tries to tell you that You're going nowhere with your life! whoa You better listen to what's right! whoa But don't you see that I can't hear you! HEY! HEY! HEY!


There's something bout the Cold wind blowing past your face It's not the kill It's the thrill of the chase It's like being in bed with The girl of your dreams While eating a pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream Well you can kick me in the knee With your ski or your boot Well that's cool On your head are roots This is something that I will always cherish Here to state the fact that Skiers Must Perish

The Last Time

living life and freedom wondering if my love could be as one and if that you could possibly love me thinking life and living life are two very different things the first one being harder than the last tonight's the last time that I ever show you me thinking all these days are gone and dreaming of my time with you just makes me wish that I was with you now driving the ninety I'm thinking of you if I could turn back time I'd look you in the eye then I might see your lies

Chris Cayton

You taught me how to play guitar You told me that I'd go far just by trying yea just by trying When we were kids playing Social D spiritual man on LSD We were frying yea we were frying Once in a while you'd fuck with me and ground on my bass and it shocked me Chris Cayton I called you satan Cuz when we were skating You would make the metal sign You got kicked out of school for wearing profanity 'too drunk to fuck' said the Dead Kennedys on your button your punk rock button You were born in S.I.T. Vegetarian man no BLT on your muffin no turkey stuffing Once and a while I'd surf with you Our first band was called IMRU

It Isn't Just Me

It isn't just me that wants to be here by your side and I know it isn't just me that wants to be next to your side and I know I only want to hold you is that asking way too much I only want to feel you you're so far away I guess I'll believe that you care and I think the things that you said keep running around in my head and I know I only want to trust you you lied to me before I don't know if I can trust you in time I'll know for sure It's only been three days since I have seen your face I don't think I can wait three more I know that I can't wait The static on the phone makes you so far away I watch the clock tick by you haven't called today And then I fall apart waiting for your call you don't tell me how you feel you leave me in the dark I guess I blame myself for staying here with you I just want to hear the words you say you need me too