Fury of aquabats

Super Rad

I had a small friend, Who had a fat friend Who had a big friend Who gave birth to many friends With our flashlights to the sky We waited for them to land. I got two tall friends Who know my small friend Who seem to have a problem with you They got roman candles Bottle rockets for the vandals Who covered our lockers in glue. (Bridge) We're on our way here we go We're gonna take over Set it off one last time Here we come again. We were strangers And we were pilgrims Role models of the family man Pioneers and patriarchs Patriots and matriarchs Staking out the promised land Our little army We were commandos Gorillas with decoder rings We felt some opposition From some villains Who were wishin' They could be cadets and kings. (Bridge) (Chorus) All systems go! Soon the world will know The fury of attack Feel the wrath of The super rad The super rad Super rad! And if we die before the battle's through tell our mom's, tell our dads That we were super rad! (Bridge) (chorus x2) All systems go As we step into the Octagon Feel the wrath of mission code name: applesauce applesauce applesauce Super Rad!

Red Sweater

I met you in the third grade I didn't know that you liked lemonade I met you another year later You wore a red sweater with an alligator We chased the ice cream truck across the street And I thought you seemed kind of neat We held hands as we walked to the swings in the park. (chorus) You're my girl I'm your man I don't care if we live in a garbage can I'm your man You're my gal I'm so glad that we are pals. You're not fat You don't smell bad You're always smiling Never sad I bet you take a shower every day Hey hey hey hey hey. But then when I saw you Playing soccer with your friends I knew that day Our love would never end. And this whole time It blows my mind Oh well whatever We're so good together When you marry me You'll be my wife. (chorus) I'm in love, its great See you again - can't wait There's so much to do You're such a pretty girl We'll travel 'round the world To see this love through. And if you ever went away from me I would cry I would fall down on one knee And I would pray Yes I would pray That you would come back To me someday.... (chorus) Oh well, whatever You and me and that red sweater Oh well, whatever You and me And that red sweater Are go!

Magic Chicken

I was born out back Behind the chicken shack I was raised in a cardboard box And before when I was single I used to hear the chicken jingle That's how I learned the chicken rock When I'm in the mood, dude I get some nuggets and stuff And head on down to the fights I'm rolling in my wheelchair Zipping down the hill I'm screaming out "chicken" In the middle of the night (Chorus) Ooh ooh, ooh ooh Chicken makes me feel so good When I first met my baby I was sipping chicken gravy And I thought I had to close up shop (Weee pang!) Now were wedding in a chapel Eating chicken, drinking Snapple Our chicken love you just can't stop When I'm done a working A sweating and a jerking, And the bossman comes and tells me when I'm going home to baby Got my chicken, got my gravy And we do the chicken dance again (Chorus) Do the popcorn chicken (Do the popcorn chicken) Do the K-F-C (Do the K-F-C) Do the buffalo wing (Do the buffalo wing) Do the pioneer (Do the pioneer) Can you dig it? We got the chicken! Cut it up, cut it up, cut it up We got some chicken guts In a chicken cup! I'm a chicken ma-chine!!! (x4) Roscoe's We got the chicken! Goldenbasket We got the chicken! Popeye's We got the chicken! Pappy Parker's We got the chicken!. (Chorus)

Fight Song


The Cat With 2 Heads

Science brings gifts of convenience To the modern man Modern man then continues Continues to expand But what happens when man creates Something oh so wrong Nature bites back in a big way Good heavens what have I done! (Bridge) I kept it in a box I watched it grow a lot It chewed right through the lock And ate all the new kids on the block. A scientist creates a beast In a secret laboratory Nature plots revenge It's blood that it seeks That's where we begin our story! (chorus) The Cat with 2 Heads Whoa, the Cat with 2 Heads! College brought education To this privileged man High school diploma A science major with a government grant Four years later an experiment To mutate domestic pets It turned into a nightmare So lock your doors Hide your hot dogs This cat's upset (Bridge) Society's been so good to me My parents paid for my college education Majoring in biotechnology Created a beast and now it's after me! (chorus) x2 Two heads..... of terror!

The Story Of Nothing

Once upon a time she was fine And good people knew her name I was from the ocean floor But I remember the look in her eyes True love the birds would sing And the trees would call her Name as she walked by Love was grand until that magic day She turned me into nothing (chorus) Let's talk about something else I'm starting not to see myself She went so far away But I still see her everyday Nothing Let's talk about something else Can't see myself with anyone else Please oh please Let's talk about something else Before I cry.... Waa, waa, waaaaa She can't see me, but I can I guess I am the invisible man She can't see, what would be, Nothing hurts worse Than being nothing The invisible man Some things are hard to understand The invisible man Nothing worse than turning into Once upon a time she was fine And good people knew her name I was from outside Where all the animals and All the trees were happy What's wrong I'm standing over here It's just weird that she can't see me It's as if she waved her magic wand And somehow turned me into nothing (chorus) The invisible man Some things are hard to understand The invisible man Nothing worse than... She can't see me, but I can I guess I am the invisible man She can't see, what could be Changed her mind and turned me into nothing

Captain Hampton & The Midget Pirates

Young Jim, as a lad He looked for adventure Calamity, danger, whatever was free So when he turned ten, he packed his belongings and he left home to find his destiny Jim just a boy, who's Head full of legends Of dungeons and dragons And pirates and stuff So that summer he snuck on a schooner To harpoon tuna And get real buff The Captain he said There's danger ahead We need some brave men To sail and then We'll find us those pirates Stop them with violence, To make the ocean safe Once again." (chorus) Cleaning up the oceans Captain Hampton and his crew Trouble in the seven seas He'll know what to do Captain, he hates rubbish To him pirates are just soot Scallywags and scurvy dogs Are crushed under his foot. Captain Hampton, Captain Hampton Ahoy, Ahoy Pillaging the Pillagers Triumphantly he'll sail away Now, seven weeks into the trip And Jim was sick to death Of being sick Some kind of action he wanted As he searched the seas For everyday was the same old... stuff The night he felt like jumping ship But then he heard a crash Hit the starboard side of the ship And bumped him out of his bunk Onto his bottom Our heroes drew their swords As the midgets swarmed aboard The pirates surprise attack The tiny buccaneers Caught us by surprise As we tried to battle back. (chorus) La la la la la la la, la la la la la la. La la la la la la la, la la la la la la. La la la la la la la, la la la la la la. La la la la la la la, la la la la la la. Captain Hampton, Captain Hampton Ahoy Ahoy Pillaging the Pillagers Triumphantly he ran away!

Martian Girl

Here's a story that must be told It's kinda' new, not very old About a female martian with a wild grin Big orange eyes and green skin Blue was her hair She came from way up there She wore silver underwear Almost naked but she didn't care Why oh, why did she come from Planet V? I don't know woh who who (Chorus) Martian girl from Planet V Will you marry me? Wo wo wo wo wo She came from outer space She came to see If earth was good Wo wo wo wo She got distracted at the supermarket In the meat department Wo wo wo wo wo She's looking at me She's looking hungry Think she's gonna eat me! Wo wo wo wo wo She's not a bird She's not a plane She's got green blood Pumping through her veins. Saw a light in the sky And then I found her Now I'm having my own close encounter She smiled at me as she fixed her hair And then she kissed me Right then and there I started bleeding, That's the weirdest part 'Cuz this alien's teeth were razor sharp! (Chorus) Woah, Oh Baby, What a wacky alien she was I'll tell you why, It's just because She had an appetite that couldn't be beat She came from space to eat people meat I guess I didn't taste good anyway 'Cuz when she kissed me, she flew away! (Chorus)

Attacked By Snakes

Night falls and I'm taken by sleep Hot air blows up balloons in my dreams Ding-dong rings the bell Something's at the door So I put on my slippers And I creep across the floor For the door from hence I heard Another ding dong I peep through the door hole But something's very wrong As on my porch There are thousands of snakes Ready to strike I feel queasy and My knees start to shake My perilous fate I see no escape as serpents lay seige To my country estate The Devil must have opened up hell's gates and called up millions of snakes To take me from this place Big ones Little ones Fat ones Skinny ones Protect me from their venomous drug That springs from the needles of fangs Attacked by Snakes By Snakes So many snakes You could fill the grate lakes With snakes Ha ha ha run I try to hide But snake bites on my face testify I've been attacked by snakes By snakes so many snakes It would take a thousand crates To contain the snakes after me I'd rather be burned at the stake Than be attacked by snakes Welcome to my world Or should I say this land of snakes Serpents lie and wait At every take my knees quake As my life these snakes invade Snake invaders show their fangs On the snake parade My perilous fate I see no escape As my family prays and waits I fight them off with Shovels and rakes and Bats and phones But I just can't seem To shake these bones That slither from the dark To destroy my home (chorus) One snake, Two snake Are there any more? There's two more Knocking at my door...

Idiot Box

Now now now I'm just a boy I watch too much TV Nobody knows, nobody knows Casper the Ghost is so friendly Nobody knows, nobody knows Sitting in my living room With nothing else to do I think I'm going blind Just like Mr. Magoo I know every single ending Of every Scooby Doo Now (Chorus) Turn off the idiot box It's a disease just like the Chicken Pox Turn off the idiot box Now Find yourself a partner Turn on the television And let it control your mind Friends, Romans, countrymen, I've got something to say Nobody knows, nobody knows Get up off the couch Get up go out and play Nobody knows, Nobody knows (Chorus) Children I want to warn 'ya 'Cuz I've been to California Where Mickey Mouse is a demon Turn it off If you are able Nobody knows, nobody knows Take a pair of scissors And cut off that cable Nobody knows, Nobody knows (Chorus)

Powdered Milk Man

The wind blows and I see dust A cloud of white upon the horizon My pallet knows, this is a bust Breakfast is wrecked For the chidren of the nation These cheerios, soggy and tainted Have gone to waste in This milk of devastation. Taste is based From the bones of zombies The dust is ground It's not safe to eat or drink When powdered milk's around! Call in the troops Cause here's a scoop For you and your group There's a drink around town And it tastes like foo The man in the tin suit Bearing bitter fruit Breakfast cereal turns to soup Tastes like puke Oh no! It's the Powdered Milk Man Oh no! Holding the Powdered Milk can The super villain comes a creepin' When you're sleepin' And must be stopped anyway we can (chorus) You stand before me I will defeat you You will not break me I will not take you You're just another unearthy poison Someone will stop you You and your kind, step back! Whoa ho ho ho Powdered Milk Man Whoa ho ho you must die! Whoa ho ho ho, Powdered Milk Man Whoa ho ho ho whoa! (chorus) Whoa ho ho ho Powdered Milk Man Whoa ho ho ho you must die! Whoa ho ho ho Powdered Milk Man Whoa ho ho ho you must die!

My Skateboard

As one sits and waits For something to happen I too sat and waited for you to call Well, I waited too long and thought Hey maybe I should call you But by then you had already gone. (chorus) Its Friday night, I wanted to go out I didn't want to go to no show Didn't want to cruise main street I didn't want to go to no disco (no no) I just wanted you to come over Sit on the couch and hold me tight But you went out with some dumb jock And left me alone With my skateboard tonight. Now I'm out on my skateboard And I'm pushing so hard I'm pushing so hard I want to see if I can see If you're still home But the lights aren't on And you were gone So on my way home alone I took a short cut through the park And just my luck You were sitting in his truck You were making out With him In the dark! (chorus) Why'd you go and change your mind? You can pick and choose But with him you're gonna loose Every time (chorus)

Phantasma Del Mar


Lobster Bucket

There are times When you find Lobsters in a bucket Can't climb out Why won't they climb away? Because other lobsters Pull them down Cherry pits and paper clips And people talking smack Giant squid will come right up And pull your train right off the track. Mammoth broom swoops on down And sweeps you in a whole Friends help each other Any way they can When you're up at bat They'll be your biggest fan When you're in a pit they'll pull you out of it It ain't wrong to write a song For all your friends to sing along. People too me and you Can also be like lobsters in bucket It's all just one big mess Please don't be a lobster Friends are best Making lunch for the baseball bunch While playing violin Feeding bands to giant clams That's where the fun begins Cantaloupes and cowboy ropes Hone those whittleing skills Friends help each other Any way they can When you're up at bat They'll be your biggest fan When you're in a pit They'll pull you out of it It ain't wrong to write a song For all your friends to sing along

Theme Song

We came from an island In the sand and the sun Hidden away from the world Is that home of fun We surfed all day And ate food all night When there was no more food Eating sand was alright But then one dark day out of the sky Space Monster "M" and friends Invaded our world And we had to escape But we vowed to return again First we'd take over the world And then we'd return again We floated across the ocean in a hollowed out log From the blue beaches to the land of smog We washed up on the beach The Professor took us in And that's when the experiments begin He gave us super powers from chemicals Then he gave us instruments So we could rock and roll Now we're here to fight To make our foes and friends To take your money and go home again Come fight along We're the Aquabats We're super super guys We're the Aquabats Join in our journey to battle our foes. Watch us every week On our TV show. The wacky wacky world Of the Aquabats. We're zippy zippy dudes We're the Aquabats We're the Aquabats And that's that So watch us every week We're the Aquabats!