28 th teeth

Round Kid:

two lovers are having their fight again they're tired of saying goodbye standing on the beachside listening to the feet of the passers on the sidewalk there don't make me part of your life again cause im tired of saying goodbye riding on my skateboard knocking all the pretty boys in my way i'm just around kid causing mass hysteria and i know something nobody knows you ask me what is real or not but what is real or not am i completely right or am i just lost and misguided there is something you oughta know what is real or not that there is nothing wrong so don't tell me i need any counseling


not long ago there was a time when everything would blow my mind then i'd learn a bit more then i'd learn a bit more it cancelled everything i learned before i said hey! i don't know what i'm doing should i plan on my class reunion? i've been working on a vision of clarity this is how it boils down to me anything is possible anything and everything when i was nineteen i thought i'd seen everything i was gonna see then i'd see a bit more then i'd see a bit more it cancelled everything i'd seen before i said hey! i thought it knew it all i was setting myself up for a #&!! of a fall writing down my philosophy songs there's one that still holds strong with everyday that goes by the less and less i wonder why because i've seen them rise and i've seen them fall but i'll never claim to have seen them all i said hey! i ain't seen a thing you never know what tomorrow will bring i've been working on a state of mind brace yourself for the ride


i didn't bother to blow you off i never even thought to call you when i saw you yesterday you said everything was fine and all this laughing means i'm running away cause the things we have are %#&$#! and the things we had are gone sometimes it takes so long to wake up what's the matter with my life anyway? friends around me like to talk i guess they want to know if i'm gonna get a job or if i'm gonna sleep 'til noon all these people need to keep their mouth shut cause in the end the choise is mine you never heard me asking you don't want to play a part i'm living on living so i guess i know who my friends really are all those times it came to stealing you never let me go that far and then you told me not to smoke it but i did and it took me far away, yeah it took me far away

Tear Jerky:

don't you shut that door don't you leave so soon wanna know where i've been well i'll tell you the truth i've seen it all before none of this is new to me you said that things had changed and everything was alright you would wish i was cool and i'd wish you were nice behind that innocent face filled with guilty delights for me such an innocent lie such an innocent mind you get caught when you try to lie your whole life has been gentrified do you know what i mean? you had secrets to hide you think i'd never find out you said your lips were sealed and then you'd open your mouth this ain't a question of guilt this is a question of doubt in you you want the world on a platter want your friends on a string you want them all to matter want them down on their knees they'll give you what you've dreamed of but it's not what you need

Jennifer's Cold:

on the freeway all the cars have stopped because the big news has dropped all the phones are ringing it's got all the neighbors singing police chief is calling the detectives navy seals are being selected president is calling his advisors greenpeace is putting out flyers we've got ourselves a little situation it's worse than an alien invasion jennifer has got a cold and everyone has got to know there's a news break for everybody watching jennifer has just started coughing the doctors can't explain it how did she ever obtain this? all he friends are sending get well cards you can beat it, just got to fight hard all the world is sitting home waiting all the priests are singing and praying swat team has jennifer surrounded coast guard takes her to an island out there no one gets infected jenny lives where she can be protected united nations emergency meeting declares the whole world is grieving and peace will come if jenny just gets well please come home soon...

Steve Was Dead:

it's 12 o'clock and i'm picking up a phone call dan said, is steve there? cause no one else can find him he said he'd heard that steve was in a car crash the word was out that steve was dead in a car crash; dead in a car crash steve was dead but it was only for a moment i heard it all that night i heard it all it was infectious but no one really knew through the grapevine we were victims of a rumor and all along i knew it wasn't true next day at 8am i get another phone call this time it's steve and he's laughing at us all he thought at first that everyone was joking until he heard all the messages that we were leaving that we were leaving steve was dead but it was only for a moment

What Happened To My Radio?:

oh no not again please tell me i'm wrong it's been ten minutes since they played this song or is it the band with the one word name i get so confused it all sounds the same the dj maybe just an idiot last week he was spinning country now alternative rock is the $#!% just who do they thinkg they're fooling with this backwards regiment they shove it so far down your throat it's swallowed with an english accent what happend to my radio it used to be cool now it just blows i've been waiting more than an hour for the request that i just made we'll see what we can do about it must mean they're going to throw it away they say that they like good music that it's better than the rest switch the channel it's a carbon copy take their cutting edge and slit my wrists who has all the luck? who has all the fans? they make a million bucks and burn it in your hands who has all the luck? who has all the fans? they tell you that you're %#&$#@! but you don't understand

Twenty-Eight Teeth:

you ever been so bored that you start counting all your teeth as you squirm around and fidget in your cluttered, lousy seat you ever been so tired that your spirit starts to sigh and your working everyday just to make ends meet what keeps me hangin' on? you ever wake up in a hotel room but can't remember the city or state you look around, you roam around but you just can't relate you ever been so lost that a map won't do you no good as you drive around in circles in a place or town or some kind of neighborhood you ever been so desparate but for what you just don't know you see a thousand faces and you want to remember them all

You Go You're Gone:

tommy stepped away from the world for a while he only left a picture of a seventh grade smile he got caught in between a mother's last hope and a father's last dream a head of ideas that don't mean anything they don't mean anything tommy had a problem with being alone he spent everyday of his life on his own but there's no one to blame it's hard to keep friends when you keep moving away the cards and letters don't mean anything they don't mean anything when you go, you're gone and if you feel you can't go on you can always come home tommy stepped away from the world for a while his first few steps, they felt like a mile they never could believe he said goodbye and they just watched him leave all the things he knew don't mean anything they don't mean anything and if you go too far you might never come back and i might go too far and i won't ever come back and when you go i'll wait for you and when you go i'll be there too

Peace Fish:


Record Store:

workaholic, what it be? heard you're workin' eleven days a week i used to know just where you're coming from i used to know but with that i'm done i got a job at a record store i'm three days a week, no more than four sometimes you got to take a look around sometimes you got to slow things down i'm looking out my bedroom window you're looking at your office wall i'm walking around like marlon brando you're sitting down not walking at all don't know what you're thinking i don't work no overtime working at the record store look at me i'm doin' fine i see you're working on the weekends now i guess mondays aren't such a shock i spend my time just sittin' around i listen to that old punk rock i take my time and never hurry you use your time as best as you can i'm acting like i'm billy murray you're acting like your dead in the sand

My Town:

i got the tunes in my pocket in an old-@$$ walkman walking to the beach with a bottle of black and tan keys in the velcro where they always should be time's tickin' by but it doesn't concern me i'm killin' time with nothin' to do that's all i seem to think about or do my soul is sound when i'm in my hometown no place i'd rather be my town, my street gives me peace of mind that can't be beat i can sleep all night to the sound of the ocean wake up in the morning and do it all again seven days a week i pay no attention i spend a lot of time with my record collection i hear the sound of skateboards rolling down my backstreet reggae music coming from the neighbor across from me as time ticks by i never stop to ask, i never wonder why my soul is sound when i'm in my hometown no place i'd rather be

Little Pain Inside:

i realize i'm hungry i recognize the pain in my gut i don't know where it comes from or what i'm gonna do about it this little pain inside my tiny tummy souplantation, fosters freeze in-n-out or chuck e. cheese burger king or taco bell all these restaurants sound so swell that's what i'm gonna do about it this little pain inside my tiny tummy hamburger helper on those days when i sit home and %#&$!#@ laze and when my budget is kinda low there's only so many good places to go and that's what i'm gonna do about it this little pain inside my tiny tummy