Robin the hood

Work That We Do

Well we realized so long, long ago, and I bet you, that we've seen it all, the lies won't get you. I've got fourteen miles to go, I've got rhythm comin' sense I've got the sto. But I won't wanna come around our love. So why? If you are rich, I'm gonna hang you on the wall. I'ma find you. And when I find you, I'm gonna get your lovin' arms today. So we fight to get, we fight to ger our weary arms to bed. Real love's something that I still hope people make there own places to go. And now in '94 were gonna lie some more. In 1994 were going to die some more. It it ever going to be the last show? It's going to be the last drive, boss to proud to make the cars that we drive. The women don't mind, I've got ample time, they don't wonder why that they do. That's work that we do, a work that we do is work that we do.

Lincoln Highway Dub

I got a hundred and ninety-six different kind of oil cans. The electric toasters. There isn't a thing in here that wasn't one time or another used on the Lincoln Highway. (instrumental)

Pool Shark (acoustic)

Lying in my plastic bed, thinking how thinking how things weren't so cool me. My baby likes to shoot pool, I like lying naked in my bedroom, tying off that dinosaur tonight, it used to be so cool. Now I got that needle, I can bleed, but I can't breathe. Take it away, but I want more and more. One day I'm gonna loose the war.

Cisco Kid

(Raleigh) That's chapter 1, would you like to have chapter 2? You better you son of a bitch, I know the way. (Movie) Here's adventure, here's romance, here's the famous Robbin Hood of the old west. Cisco, the sheriff, he's getting closer! Make way Poncho, vominous. The Cisco Kid. (Brad) Way, way, way back days, the year, 1983. had to get a job, had to make some mon-ne-ne. Picked up a pen and a pad, drops reality. Never thinking that I would live to see the day I rocked my own CD. We used to do the dance we called wobie-wobie. Now S.T.P. 1993, so Hollywood get out my way. My mom's words seems like yesterday, "Love Jesus, don't forget to pray." She most have gone with the boss D.J. Right? (Don't be too sure of that fat one. Fat one?) Next thing you know, skinny coming with the 9mm. 'Cuz he who has the money has the authority, and respect to the man with the oz. (I'm pretty handy with a six gun myself) The 808 kit is on my hitlist, and this beat's cooking like a piped out bliss. It wasn't hard to do, it so easy. Because to me loops come naturally. Mom's words seem like yesterday. (COUGH) (What's your name? Cisco Kid. Si. Poncho's name is, Poncho.) And now in '94 we got an S.T.P., a half pack of smokes, and oh yes, aunt Bea. A fifteen pack of Old Milwaukee. A Dalmation and a girlfriend, but I ain't got no mon-ne-ne-ne. The 808 is within my reach, Sublime beats are comin' straight from Long Beach. If you think that hollywood didn't get what he deserved, call 808 kid to get served (movie) There's always some hombre that can't resist swapin' lead, just to see if their faster with the six gun than Cisco is. They'll only find out Cisco is fastest. Well that don't stop 'em from tryin' Poncho, like Slade here, he fancys himself as fast on the draw as a quarter-horse takin' after a stray. What's the matter? Can't the Cisco Kid talk for himself? Is that how you got your reputation Cisco, By havin' your partner build you up? I make no claim to a reputation senior, and no one has to talk for me. The Cisco Kid, heh, the kid part fits you from the way you act. I've meet with your kind before. You a foolish hombre if you think he will not fight you. Your making big talk for an hombre who won't fight. You are wrong Slade, I'll fight you any place, any time. If there is a good reason. Well here's a fist full of reasons! Now you two quit that. Just as soon as I finish off this Cisco Kid. You are the one that is finished you faggot. Way to go Cisco. Is that a good punch? all right you two, that's enough, let him alone Cisco. I won't forget this Cisco, I'll take this up with you another time. Any time hombre, I'd be glad to accommodate you. I'll make it soon Cisco. Shut up cash, keep your mouth shut. Thats what I mean, Cisco, you attract trouble like a fiddler attracts a square dance, you understand why I don't want you staying in this town? Do not worry sheriff...

Raleigh Soliloquy Pt. II

Raleigh: You went for line drawings and you fucked up you fuckin' idiot. You brain-washed yourself you mother fuckin' stupid cock suckers, because you never studied your Holy Homework. That's two capital H's there, all the rest are lower case in any fuckin' case. Supreme Court, you are not the fucking Supreme Court of anything, except Hell! For the next ten thousand years you will shovel your shit and eat it, because your on repeat mother fucker. It just started backwards and you can't do a fuckin' thing about it. The public are gonna take back every fuckin' thing that you took away from them you mother fucker. Security Guard: Raleigh. Raleigh: Yes. Guard: This is the deal. Raleigh: Yes, what is the deal? Guard: You either cool it down right now... Raleigh: Or your gonna fuckin die! Guard: ...your outta here. Raleigh: Oh, your gonna put me out? Well I ain't leavin' mother fucker. Now what are you gonna do, what are you gonna do to this little kid? Eh? Guard: Your gonna go to the psyche ward. Raleigh: Well good, that's where I wanna go. Guard: Yea, your gonna be right there. So you better cool it down. You better cool it down right now, I don't want to hear anything else out of this room or you are gonna go to the psyche ward. This is your last opportunity. Raleigh: Yea, OK, get it. Let's go. Guard: Shut your fuckin' mouth. Raleigh: all right . Guard: And don't make anymore waves in the house. Otherwise you'r going to the psyche ward. Raleigh: Well, thats exactly what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna go to the psyke ward and so I'm gonna shoot my fuckin' mouth off, so get out of here. Your cutting into my commercial. Guard: You understand? Raleigh: I'm making a fuckin' commercial, I'm a businessman! Get out of here! Your trying to get in on this fuckin' thing, you ain't no star asshole, your just a fuckin' errand boy. Guard: Your the craziest son of a bitch I ever... Raleigh: Exactly...I'm an American! Guard: This is the last warning Raleigh. Raleigh: Good, Shut Up! [background laughter] Guard: Anymore out of you and your going to the psyche ward. Raleigh: See, you lie. You don't eat your feedback. Guard: You need to understand that, as long as you understand that, that's the rules Raleigh. Raleigh:Whoever comes in this fuckin' room, I'm gonna fuckin' kill em! That's what I gonna do. Guard: Oh are ya? I'm in your room Raleigh. Raleigh: Well you've come in against...this is my room. Guard: I'm in your room, I'm in you room, I'm in your room. Raleigh: Back out, back out, back out. Words don't bother me man, actions do. Guard: Let's do it, go for it dude. Raleigh: Well if you come at me your gonna fuckin' die! Guard: Go for it. Raleigh: I ain't going for nothing, you fuckin' reach for me and I'm gonna take your arm off. Guard: Come on. Come on! Raleigh: I ain't comin, you come. Guard: Cool it Raleigh. You understand that? You got it? Either you cool it or your out of here, that's the only choice you have. Raleigh: Try it. Guard: Your gone dude. Raleigh: Who's gonna enforce it? Call the cops mutherfucker! Call the cops. Guard: You got witnesses right now? Raleigh: No witnesses, call the fucking cops! I'll call the fuckin' cops on you, you cocksucker, right now. Guard: Good. Raleigh: 911 - Just like that, and you will never get out of this. Guard: Good. Come on. Raleigh: I would like an emergency call please, there's a psychopathic trying to kill me in my fuckin' room, now get them cops over here to 1-2-3-O-9 Ventura Street please. He is standing in my door, I told him to get out of here, and he tells me he's gonna put me in the psycho-tank, for making my production here. Which is a science fiction magazine! And he's trying to scare me 'cause he thinks he's big, but he's just a big pile of shit! 'Cause I'll splatter him all over the fuckin' wall. I hope you record all that. That's a pre-programming for the police department! And send 'em over here, 'cause I'm about to kill him in two seconds. Now get 'em over here as fast as you can please. I hope your recording this.


All that I need, look at all the love we've found. I won't run and pull the one jack move they love her for the kingston sound. Flava-Flave and I-C-E once said something that made me want to burn my liquor store down to the ground. But I just can't leave the pad, cuz I'll surely wind up dead, 'cuz i know there out there out there waiting and watching for me. Still I got my yellow cat and my wooden baseball bat and my shiny silver gat and if my homey my back then I got All that I need, look at all the love we've found. I won't run and pull the one jack move they love her for the kingston sound. I won't slip, and I won't trip. Send Matt Vargas to regrip. While I'm wrenchin' on my ride, in that secret pad where we hide, there's always lotsa fun stuff to do, like relax and design a brand new tattoo. Play with my cross-word puzzle book, I'm even learning how to cook. Have you seen that little whore betty? Someone said she stole my [?] And if she made off with my last clean ring, I'm gonna kill that fuckin' ditch pig. So what? Outta my, outta my, outta my, outta my secret pad, cuz I know your talkin' about me baby, makin' it hard to live. Cause I, don't want no money dick, don't want no money down. My secret tweaker pad is now the hottest pale spot in town I guess. Take it nice and easy. Don't want no sheriff breakin' down the door to raid me. All that I need, look at all the love we've found. I won't run and pull the one jack move, they love her for the kingston sound. Baby you wanna give me kisses sweet, only for one night with no repeat. Baby you wanna leave and never go, but the taste of honey is worse than none at all.

Boss D.J.

There's a steel train comin' through, I would take it if I could. And I would not lie to you because Sunday morning soon will come when things would be much easier to say upon the microphone like a boss DJ when I would work upon the sea like it was dry land. The boss DJ ain't nothin' but a man. No trouble no fuss, .. I know why. It's so nice, I wanna hear the same song twice. It's so nice, I wanna hear the same song twice. When I spendin' all of my time, but it's just stones and sticks. 'Cause on the microphone is where I go to get my fix. Just let the lovin' take ahold, 'cause it will if you let it. I'm funky, not a junky, but I know where to get it. (Chorus) Oo-we girl, oo-we girl There really ain't no time to waist, really ain't no time to hate. Ain't got no time to waist, time to hate. Really ain't time to make the time go away. So mister DJ, don't the music, I wanna know, Are you feelin' the same way too? I wanna rock with you girl, oo-girl. Don't stop. (Chorus) I Don't Care Too Much For Reggae Dub See, I chose this profession, so therefore, I earn beer. (Laughter) Pretty much. Got matches? And I'm not lyin' one fuckin' bit, either. Are you guys musicians? We're magicians. What kind of music y'all play? The kind that..I dunno. Ask and so you shall receive. Whoo! Reggae! Reggae? Oh, reggae! I'm not too into reggae. Why not? Oh well... I don't like it, that's why. We play rock, blues. Oh, actually, we play, uh, you know bon jovi? Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo. Oh. I like a little of this kind of music. Yeah? Yeah. I like jazz, blues. Oh, jazz is great. I'm not too into rap. I really don't like that rap. Rap? Rap. I like oldies. Some rock, some hard rock. I even like a little mexican music. Don't understand the shit they're sayin'. Don't understand nuthin', but I like it. Now, the indian music. Now that's somethin' to trip off of! Acid. Because every song is like... You'd better be trippin' pretty hard. Uh-huh. I'll bet you trip hard. Acid. Oh, he's got it goin' on. Don't you go near ya hand... Yeah. Everyday. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Everyday I say, oh please don't lie. We gotta leave. I swear. You should get a real one, man, what's your fuckin problem? Ah-hah. I never said I thought you were stupid either. He ain't got nuthin' on there. Can one of y'all spare 20 cents. I don't even have 20 cents. I don't even have...uh.. If I had 20 cents a dollar like you... I'd spend the last one... This guy's got 20 cents, I'd bet you. My wallet's inside. Yeah, right, c'mon. Yeah, c'mon, you got money. Yeah, you got cash. Yeah, we know you got money, man. Actually, I think I have a buck. Give her the fuckin' quarter! We checked you out, we know you... Whoo! Reggae! Reggae? Oh, reggae! I'm not too into reggae. C'mon down. One more time. C'mon down. C'mon down. Yeah. Go down and see your baby now. No. We love you, yeah. When I heard the verdict the first time, I was sitting there. Yeah. Fuck. Can't go in there. Fuck. I know he wasn't.. I immediately gave him all my money. Fuck. I know he wasn't. I got another friend, he got the shit beat out of him for no reason. You can stay here. Hey man. On that one. You got a good samaritan here. The mother-fuckers knocked on the door and arrested him for being drunk in public. What's goin' on? I'm gonna break down the... He's really, in a mental hospital, and that thing really doesn't work. You should get a real one, man, what's you fuckin' problem. a night down... Yah. Who's this guy? 2x That's Opie. Opie. Opie is our master. Who's this guy? That's Opie. Yah. Who's this guy? 2x That's Opie. 5x Opie. 2x That's Opie. 5x Opie. And Opie is our master. I am the master. He's so smart, he's the smartest guy we know. He created this. Knock me out. Master of the mother-fucker. Wait, I have one. Try that. He usually doesn't speak. Like, every 2 weeks. He speaks in tongues. Oh, in tounges. He only speaks every 2 weeks. (incoherent rambling) Hey, y'all meet Raleigh? This is like, speaking in tounges... Whoo!

Falling Idols


All you Need

Headed out for Austin, now were half way down the road. Hollering budda-budda-budda-budda-by! Steady staring out the window. It fells good, it fells nice, it feels like you need it. And back out on the road is where we like to be seated. We got half-pint style, we got a b-boy style. We got half-pint style, we got a b-boy style. We got to put that shit together in a creative style. We put that shit together in a creative style. Outside on the pavement I won't feel afraid, there's a little piece of paper saying how we walked that May. Back out on the highway, and this hurts to say, No one's got fingers, I got no one to blame. I can't make you overstand, rising up in a hip-hop stance. Society's got to me. That's all you need! Headed out to Houston, now where halfway out the door. Hollering budda-budda-budda-budda-by! Staring out the window. It fells good, it feels nice, it feels like you need it. I know how females like to be treated. A license for me and the stars up above, And on the interstate I fell love, love, love. And If I never realize then that's how it has to be, And all DJs out there got to give me money. Back out on the freeway, I won't fell sane. Little yellow headlights look like snails smashed in the rain. Back out on the highway, and this hurts to say, Blown out speakers, I got no one to blame. I can't make you overstand, rising up in a hip-hop stance. Society's got to me. That's all you need! Yea. I can ???, but I won't see, Because no one can tell you, you've got to be afraid. We got to go back on the highway, live behind the wheel. I want it real!

Freeway Time In LA County Jail

On the freeway in the county the sun don't shine. I feel, I feel, I feel, I feel a Bati man. And outside my cell deputies creep And in this cell all I do is sleep and I dream, that I'm free. And I'm back on the reef, where I throw my net out into the sea, All the fine hinas come swimming to me. They hold me and they promise me things, And when the tides high I cry like a little baby. Don't give me no right kind a love no Sunday morning. Don't want no puppy loving. Hold me babe, a new stylee. Hungry babe, a new stylee. And a angry dog is a hungry dog. And a hungry dog is a angry dog. I feel like rocking, I wanna with you! I'm alive gotta contact home. Gotta contact my baby girl. But I wood never could get up. Why does it have to be so damn tough? With mayates and the eses, yes their steady on the floor. I'll be damned if a man with a shake in his hand will make me feel, I feel, I feel a Bati man. And I know, that I'm there someday. I'm back on the reef, where I throw my net out into the sea, All the fine hinas come swimming to me. Hold babe promise me. With no protection on my erection I won't get no VD. Don't give me no right kind a love no Sunday morning. Don't want no puppy loving. Gwarn. Hold me babe, got a new stylee. And a angry dog's a hungry dog. He's a naked man is a naked man. And a wicked dog is a hungry dog. I feel like rocking, I wanna with you!


Baby one breath away. I'll find the words to say. I'll sit and light the bong. I'll hold my hit in real long. I don't know if I can go up inside of you tonight. Oh Mary baby please don't fuss and fight. You've heard the line before. Mary baby please don't think I'm a bore. If you come home to me turn off the lights, and lock up the doors, and start getting busy. I don't know if I can go so far up inside you tonight. Oh Mary baby I could do it right. When we got to the pad, Mary baby started calling me her dad. Yes, she gave me head. We could not find a damn bed! Fifteen years old plus one, hotter than a microwave oven. Oh Mary baby, daddy is coming home. Raleigh Soliloquy Pt. III You guys don't know what love is. You don't know what love is. Until you've learned the meaning of the blues. Until you had a love you had to lose. You don't know what love is. Let's see. What's happening? The sacks are filling up again here yeah. Well we can stop that thing ya know any fuckin' time we want, let's do it.